OurList - Target your audience

Compile campaign recipients from your own databases (CRM, ERP systems) or third party list providers like AccuData, USA Data, SmartSource.

Whether you purchase a distribution list from a third party or import it from a customer ERP, CRM, Workflow, MIS and internal legacy system, our plug-in architecture enables you to quickly and easily integrate the data into AccuConnect's design templates and plan and execute a print and cross media campaign.

List Purchase
OurList enables you to purchase lists from a variety of vendors like USA Data, AccuData, and Experian that are already integrated into AccuConnect using XML and web services. Perform list searches based on a specific demographic or location.

List Upload
Once you have your customer list, OurList helps you clean up the data and prepare it for integration with document templates in the composition engine (XMPie, PageFlex, GMC). OurList supports several formats including Excel, CSV, MS Access and FoxPro. Upload and manage your private lists, perform mailing address validation, and match uploaded lists with template variables.

List Maintenance
Managing your lists is easy with OurList. Append, Merge and Purge lists, download lists in Excel, search lists for fast reference and usage, and manage individual list items.