Got questions about Cross Media? Personalization? E-Commerce?

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Find out how you can use the AccuConnect platform to:

  • Quickly deploy a personalized e-commerce solution
  • Build campaigns that respond to your customer's changing desires
  • Leverage your existing assets and save money

Call us at 1-855-TECRA-00 to set up a demo. We'll give you an overview of the system and walk you through its easy-to-use user and admin interfaces.

Learn workflows for managing your target lists, assembling and proofing documents, and ticketing jobs for the output type of your choice - print, email or personalized web page.

Let us know how technical you want ti get; subject matter experts are available to answer your every question. Do you need a solution tailored to your exact requirements? We can do that too.

  • Multiple storefronts
  • Scalable architecture
  • SOA-enabled

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