Print Service Providers - For serious VDP and cross media

AccuConnect is a unique web-based messaging platform that is fully customizable to fit your existing systems

No longer can a single print campaign reach everyone. The market for personalized, cross media communications is growing rapidly. AccuConnect helps print service providers use one-to-one marketing to improve response rates at an attractive ROI.

With AccuConnect, you have the power to build campaigns that get results by connecting relevant information to targeted audiences. Build one mass print campaign with personalized messages for each of your customers, or integrate your messages with cross media campaigns.

Content is collaboratively designed in an online application that is connected to secure databases of customer information. Campaigns are delivered to multiple channels using convenient digital workflows that protect data integrity.

AccuConnect also extends your ability to offer e-commerce solutions, giving your customers a perfect fit for their branding and storefront needs.

Developed using XMPie's uProduce APIs, AccuConnect is a ready-made system that is easy to learn. You can start with a basic system and add functionality as your opportunities grow. We will host the system on our server and provide you with IT expertise.